“EMP” Day 1 (2 of 3)

Posted: March 31, 2014 in EMP

Day 1 (2 of 3)

This is why I didn’t believe the alien theories, why would little green men collapse our society just to watch us fight over what’s left? I don’t know I’m not a very smart man I would never be able to figure out what is really going on. I knew this, so I just stayed home, locked my doors and got my family and friends together under one roof. Right? Nope. People forget the number one rule about survival, numbers mean everything, and it’s just too bad most of us are out there looking out for only themselves, not each other. None of my friends would join me and none of my family would join me, I was stuck here alone, barricaded inside my own home watching the madness unfold outside of my house. I was pretty scared most of the time, I don’t even own a gun and most people don’t even believe that I can fight. Whatever, at this point what with the world going to shit I didn’t really care about anything anymore. My family left me, my friends abandoned me and my government has fallen. The streets are no longer safe and I do not know how many more days I will sit here and write. I’m sorry if the timeline gets a little fucked up, some of this was written in the moment and some of it is just memories. But know that it is, was, my journal. It doesn’t really matter what happens to me or my home, all that matters is that you will read this. Why? I don’t know, somebody needs to know what people like I have done to try to make this world a better place, for the better or the worse; every word I write has the most sincere heart behind it.



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