“A journal entitled: “EMP” It contains the last words of an unknown survivor” Day 1 (1 of 3)

Posted: March 31, 2014 in EMP
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Day 1 (Part 1 of 3)

Four days ago, we ushered in a new era. An era of disease, machines, and war, ultimately it was the end of civilized and organized man. With the internet down and all contact to the GPS and satellite systems gone, people ran into their homes and locked the doors. We hoped that soon order would be re-established and that any day now the army would come knocking on our doors. But we were wrong, at least it seems that way. I live in a big city, the heart of my country and my hometown, I’ve moved before but I could never let my city go. But I am watching it burn, within hours of the first EMP attack the police, military, and fire services were working round the clock trying to ease the situation, but it just kept getting worse. EMP attack after EMP attack kept hitting the world, with no one claiming responsibility. There was no warning or signs in the news at all, one day it just happened everywhere around the world at the same time. New World Order, Illuminati, Terrorists, the U.S Government, everybody got hit from what it seemed, there was no explanation at all. Countries just went dark; it was as simple as that. Riots starting happening in the streets and eventually gangs were formed out of every neighborhood that didn’t want to wait for the government or from those that believed the conspiracy theories. Word on the street was crazy talk, aliens, awol governments, ghosts, mother nature killing us, the Al-Queda, blah blah. It was all just nonsense but it was so believable it drove people to panic, these various independent groups would attack local businesses, seize goods, vehicles, weapons, you name it. People were trying to form their own governments and the race was on to grab as much “stuff” as you could get a hold off, a mass supplies, people and bam… fight each other in the streets. I went to work the next day and ran straight home before lunch, it was madness. Words can’t even describe the collapse.




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