“EMP” Day 2 (2 of 3)

Posted: March 31, 2014 in EMP

Day 2 (2 of 3)

I woke up today with my front door kicked open and my kitchen ransacked, it appears that I am a heavy sleeper and did not wake up to hear somebody taking all my shit. I am very mad, I am very poor now and I am very hungry. I have no food but I at least have a lot of water, thank God I had a lot to eat the past couple of days, I’m sure the first day of starvation won’t be as bad for me. I guess journal that I am going to have to go outside and ask my neighbors if I can join them, or if they can spare any food. I don’t know it’s like day 5 after the EMP attacks, I think my neighbors will help me out.  The gay guys across the street gave me some food, offered to shack up together but I said no, I told them some crap about how I’m leaving to go blah blah and go bleh bleh tomorrow, whatever, I just needed the fucking food and didn’t want to sit there and listen to a bunch of weirdo’s cope with the “end of the world”. I wish I could have recorded everything I’ve experienced so far but all my electronics and shit is just garbage now, nothing fucking works, don’t ask me how or why, It just doesn’t fucking work! Fuck! Yes I wrote that, I have a lot of fucking pens and a lot of fucking paper. I will write until I get crazy enough and ready enough to go outside and find a better place to live. My home is just going to slowly deteriorate, there is nothing for me here but looters, I need food, shelter, weapons, safety; I need a home, a real one. I took out a map and found a few places I could go: there’s a warehouse down the road from my place that deals with food, I could live there, maybe? There’s a small strip mall near my house that would have everything I need theoretically, food, medicine, water, hardware supplies, entertainment, cars, fuel, tools…no doubt full of survivors or looters by now. I don’t really know where I should go… there’s a reservist base down the road; don’t know what I would find there. I have a feeling that I should find some friends, maybe join a community? I don’t know, it’s so hard to trust people, I can predict what would happen if I joined a group or a community; inner fighting, starvation, disease, looters, emotions… people being scared and people being people. I will stay here for now, rebuild my barricades and sit tight, I will sleep in the attic for now on, and I just need to move my mattress up there with whatever supplies I’ve got left.



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