“EMP” Day 2 (3 of 3)

Posted: March 31, 2014 in EMP

Day 2 (3 of 3)

I’m thinking about looting the mall, it will be day 6 tomorrow, not too bad, right? I’ll sneak into the grocery store first, take a couple pounds of dry goods and sneak out. I’ll head to the pharmacy next grab some antibiotics, basic medical stuff I don’t have, steroids, some sort of powerful painkiller, I don’t know… There’s a library beside the pharmacy kind of, I’ll loot it for some books. I need a medical guide, basic surgery, combat medic stuff, survival stuff, and fuck whatever I think I could use, I also want a book on building shit from household materials; I need a radio. I figure I’ll pick up some booze while I am out, I could either drink it or trade it, I also want some fucking cigarettes. Now that I think about it being drunk in this situation isn’t very good, but the days go by pretty slow, not much really happens aside from cowering in fear from the outside noises. That’s kind of why I am moving into the attic, somebody bashed down my door and if they come back and see that I fixed it, they will surely know that I am home and have supplies. I’m sure that I’m safe in the attic if they come back and kick in my door again they won’t find me. I’m assuming that they will run around yelling and screaming and looking for me and my little stash of supplies to eventually come to the conclusion that I am not here. Or they will assume that I’ve locked myself in the attic and will camp outside of it until I come out, or until they come in. Whatever I’ve got a big fucking knife and a wooden sword, unless they have guns I think I’ll be fine.



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