“EMP” Day 3 (2 of 3)

Posted: March 31, 2014 in EMP

Day 3 (2 of 3)

Some asshole burnt down the library while I was sleeping in it, I woke up to flames as big as my dick consuming everything in sight, I grabbed my backpack and ran back to my house. I could see motorcycles around my neighborhood and people going through houses, taking whatever they wanted. There was no going back there, I couldn’t see the point of it, what would I do? Stay inside my home and wait for the next batch of looter to come around? Eventually I would be killed, I knew this! I couldn’t stay here; I couldn’t stay inside a library! I do not know where to go I am fucking lost and scared! My journal is the only thing keeping me going now, every time I read back on my writing I want to know how this ends! How am I going to die?! When will I find a home?! Will my family ever come back for me?! Goddamnit! If only I had a gun I would feel so much better! Safety is in the arms of a loaded weapon. There was an abandoned building near my house so I kicked opened the door and sat down to write this entry. I don’t know what day it is anymore, maybe Tuesday?  It’s been a week right? I don’t have it in me anymore to go back and check. I’m so alone, this is unbelievable! What did I do to deserve this? I’ve done so much for my world and it’s shitting on me. Shitting all over my day, all over my night, once I find the strength to stop crying I think I’ll carry on. I have books to keep me sane and food to keep me alive. I think I need some friends, or a fucking drink.



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