“EoD” Segment 2 (2 of 3)

Posted: April 1, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 2 (2 of 3)

My point…was that they weren’t Cannibals. In fact they just stumbled upon that old shack in the middle of the fucking ashes of Mankind, and left me there to die. But I didn’t give them a chance to let that one happen, oh boy! You bet your ass I didn’t! I sat right back down onto that chair, pretended to be tied up and waited for those motherfuckers to step right back into my new found trap. And like a bird on a fucking feather they came stumbling in. I watched them and smiled as one of the three men crept closer, and closer. “You know your guna’ die now” they shrieked, but I just sat with myself half exposed by the light, grinning a farewell grin. Up I sprang like a killer to a feast, hands in air I set upon one man’s throat and snapped his sissy neck like a wish bone. And how that wish came true! The next man screamed in terror as I plunged his dead friend towards him, knocking him to the ground. Then my barefoot was hurled into the heart, then the throat of the soon to be lifeless man. Unfortunately, the third Highwayman shot me in the gut before I could finish him off. Too bad for him I fell unto his friend’s pistol, and with that pulled the trigger to make fail their plans. Too bad, eh?



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