The End of Dayes: My first smile

April 24th, 2241, I’m heading south-west. That’s where I was told to go, and that’s where I’ll find her. It’s been too long I can’t even bare to think about it, what they’ve done. It’s 66 miles to Reno; I’ve got a full tank of gas and a bottle of Rotgut to take the pain away. I think I’ll be fine, drinking’s always easy when you’re on the road; there’s nowhere to go but straight. Whole ground is ash and there’s nothing but road between me and my destination. Too bad I might pass out if I don’t make it before the Jet wears off; I’m floating on a fucking cloud. But what’s this?! A caravan out in the middle of nowhere…Normally I would stop my car to say hello but I’m way too high for that right now. I step on the gas and go faster, and, faster, and faster than I’ve ever driven. I need to find my sister…



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