The Funny Thing About The Measles

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Conspiracies
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I know this isn’t mine but I want to whore out my page share things with you that I found useful and informative. This is my first day blogging so I want to add a lot of content that means something to me personally. Here is my first post involving somebody else’s work…

TallGuyWrites posted a very clever comic strip here’s the link!

It concerns public opinion, what life today is like, how stupid everybody is (except of course you and me!) AND HOW THE FUCK WE GOT THE MEASLES! Check out the comic and keep the message in mind when examining society and popular opinion…

Remember Beiber got Boo’d at the Juno’s even though he won the Fan Choice award or something like that… If he got the majority of the votes, why did the majority of the people at the awards show boo him? BECAUSE THE MAJORITY VOTE IS ALWAYS A LIE! Democracy means that if 55% of the people want to take it up the butt, then the rest of us who don’t want to be sodomized have absolutely no say in the matter.

Well, what if nobody asked you what your opinion was? Do you feel like you had a say in the matter? Do you feel like this is a country ran by the people for the people? Do you really think that we the people have any say in anything at all?

I want to know, seriously! Comment the shit out of this or at least send me a psychic thumbs up! Rub the back of my neck! Trust me, I’ll know!

In case you missed the button above!




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