“EoD” Segment 3 (1 of 3)

Posted: April 2, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 3 (1 of 3)

This is the part where I take some more drugs, but I didn’t have any drugs left. One thing that pissed me off about the Highwaymen was that they did all my drugs. And I mean ALL of them, a couple of hours later they would have probably overdosed, if I hadn’t had killed them. I did them a favor, you don’t want to O.D off my shit. I’ve been there, and there’s only ONE way in getting out of it –You don’t. Shit look at me. I could see my reflection in the half-broken side mirror of the Jeep. I need to sleep, or just fucking sane up. I look like a psycho! Fuck it, I thought! I need to find my sister, and I’ve came a long way. A whole country over, and I’m already on my fifteenth car. Thank God they made a lot of these before the bombs fell.



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