“EoD” Segment 4 (1 of 3)

Posted: April 3, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 4 (1 of 3)

I’m not even walking the streets of Reno for more than five minutes and some hooker is trying to whore herself out to me. Shit, if only I had the time honey. A drug dealer with a cheap beard approaches me with a trench coat full of drugs. Jackpot I thought. I pull out my firearm and put a hole in his head; taking his boatload of drugs with me. Score! Thank fucking God I’m in Reno! Anything goes baby! The rest of the whores, pimps, dealers, and low-lives go about their business and I’m walking inside the first Casino I see. It’s full of Hispanics… Not a place for Slavers to make their profits, Hispanics were known to be a little shifty. Nah these guys wouldn’t deal with the Hispanics, so I’m off. I walk out the door, and then it hits me. Right in the face like a bad habit, she’s not only screaming at the top of her lungs, but my head is spinning. It didn’t help at all that I just got a baseball bat to the skull. I’m down and I’m just gasping for air.

“Thought you could just kill my boy, and take his shit eh? You dumb mother fucker! I’m guna…”



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