According to this article Spanish authorities have concluded that the U.S or the U.N: a combined effort from many different countries decided to shoot down Malaysian Flight 370 to prevent a new 9/11 catastrophic event. Whether you believe it or not you have to admit that this was one of the few possibilities behind the flight’s recent disappearance.

“So you killed my family to prevent a terrorist attack?” Yup that’s exactly what this means, the world’s police decided that the lives of 270 people were not worth the lives of 10,000 people and the start of WW3. Unfortunately if we put all the pieces together and all the other conspiracies we have this: 1) There were many businessmen on that flight from a new up-coming technology company that were unveiling something huge. 2) There were two Iranians seeking German asylum on that flight. 3) One of the pilots was practicing something on his flight simulator (Probably practicing his piloting skills and as a cost effective way to maintain his hours) 4) There were no confirmed “Terrorists” on that flight. 5) Israel 

So does Terrorism make sense? Not really, does shooting down a plane to prevent more whistle-blowers, a Trillion-Dollar contract lose, or the start of a war make sense? Hell yes, just wait a few days until they reach their conclusion and blame the Al-Qaeda, then wait for the fake Al-Qaeda video to come online. Or wait until they simply let it go and we never hear about this again.

Don’t expect a war though, that won’t be happening for another few years.

  1. […] little to no news… No Ukraine updates, no Malaysian updates (nothing note-worthy at least, the theory of it being shot down is still the most realistic answer.) Nothing interesting, I’m not counting the successful Afghanistan election either. Since […]

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