“EoD” Segment 5 (1 of 3) GET READY FOR BLOOD

Posted: April 4, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 5 (1 of 3)

With blind fury I fired, and fired, blasting holes into people’s faces, I’m tormenting the Sharks Club. But like a fool, I am hit by many bullets. I take more, and more, and more of my drugs until I am numb. I, am, invincible, and nothing that night could have killed me. I grab my freshest kill and use him as a human shield, his bleak, expressionless face makes me laugh a bit, but he’s getting shot a lot. And soon his body will be of no more use to me. My sister; still on the stage jumps to the ground and cuddles into a corner to hide, she is safe from the bullets, but alas this casino must die. If not for me alone! Then for the future of all men with sisters! I pull the trigger, over and over and over again, running from each room, to each corner, killing everyone. I am looting my victim’s weapons as I speak and I am using them to kill their friends. My armor is still hit, over and over again. But I don’t care, I am numb. The last man falls dead on the ground –well it was a woman, a female roulette dealer. I shot her out of blind rage, and for that I am truly sorry. No matter, my sister runs to my arms and I can hold her once again. I smile, for the first time…My first smile.



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