“EoD” Segment 5 (2 of 3)

Posted: April 4, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 5 (2 of 3)

April 26th. My sister and I walk slow, across the barren wastes. As I barely grasp the strength to pull myself through another mile, we stumble upon my Jeep, nestled secretly among the rocks, and barren structures. I could use some Jet right about now, but I can’t let my sister see me like this…not again. The day was cold, but we managed. We drove away from the shit hole called New Reno and headed north, far north. My sister at the wheel, and my wounds healed. I fell asleep, dreaming of a love I could never have. I awoke to a loud scream in the distance. Glaring over my shoulder, I remember seeing a few highwaymen, doing what appeared to be raping a young farm girl. My sister cried as she drove away, mumbling “I’m going home, I’m going home” over and over again. I fell asleep, how little of use I felt, but alas I cannot wake up. But she’s screaming again, and I finally snap out of it, and remember where I am. The Jeep had run out of energy cells, but it was still in good condition. If I could find some more cells, my sister would stop crying. And I could finally get back home. Luckily for us, I remember seeing Modoc in the distance. I took my sister’s hand, and walked towards it. Nothing stood in my way, and for a moment, all went well.

“Sometimes, the journey never goes the way you expected it to”

“No man, but sometimes when the gun gets into the OTHER hand: it’s called justice.”

“Justice? I’ll tell you about justice. Justice is getting back at the guy who stole his fucking slave, and killed half his men!”

“Too bad you had to take my sister. Now tell me, before it’s too late, where is she?”

“You don’t remember? What the fuck is wrong with you”


We walked into Modoc with the tumble weeds too afraid to come our way. The town was covered with a layer of dust and patheticness, it was worse than Reno so we tried to make it quick, it also didn’t look very safe. I walked into the first building I thought was a store and found a black man who was missing a pinky finger…I figured a tribal must have made him a deal. Man I could use some more drugs…

“Hey gimme that box of Mentats!”
“What the fuck is wrong with you! Why are you telling me this! You want these?! Eh you fuckin nitwit?! Take em’ they’ll fry your fuckin’ brain you know!”



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