“EoD” Segment 5 (3 of 3)

Posted: April 4, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 5 (3 of 3)

…And that’s better! As my sister turned away to search the shelves in the building, I purchased what I like to call a G.E.A.K or in other words a “Garden of Eden Addiction Kit”, it’s got a couple of Mentats, some Buffout, a Psycho, Jet… which I took almost immediately…Fuckin’ delicious. A condom, a bottle of Rotgut, and finally some more Jet which I almost took immediately but my sister came back to my arms. The black man stared at me for a while and asked if I needed anything else, I asked about the cells but he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. I punched him in the nose and as he bled he sang to me that a man named “Ol’ Grisham” was hoarding all the cells in the rebuilt outhouse. My sister stood mortified and asked me “Why did you hit him so hard!” I replied “Because he was angry at me” I didn’t know what else to say really… I was pretty high off that Jet… I really don’t know why I hit him. I gently took my sister’s hand and stormed towards the outhouse.

I’m not as angry anymore now that my sister has returned, but I’m still pissed how violent people can be. Frankly it disgusts me, I don’t actually enjoy cutting open people’s stomachs or shooting them in the face…

Hey don’t you fucking move or I’ll shoot you in the face!

But I still think man was destined for much more than all this…

“Stop rambling and get on with it!”

You mean you want me to kill you now?

“No! Please! Con…continue your story!”

That’s better. Where was I?

“”You don’t enjoy shooting people in the face…” Now could you please get that gun out of my face now?”


No. I took my sister’s hand and walked towards the outhouse. There were a lot of guards in town but they didn’t look like they worked for Modoc, half of them looked like  Mercenaries too tired and beat up for Reno; they came to Modoc for a nights sleep. It’s too bad I came into town. My sister and I walked into the nearest saloon… some shit hole called Rose’s Bed and Breakfast. As the sound of my boots creaked the wooden floorboards I could smell him, good ol’, Ol’ Grisham; smelly danky fuck. “Howdy padner'” he said as my sister and I walked towards the bartender. Rotgut I asked, and make it stronger than you’ve ever served, It’s been a long fucking day. “Don’t swear so much man” my sister said as she ordered some water. “1000 caps” said the bartender. I put my sawed-off to her throat and told her it would be “affordable or I would have to kill her and than pretty much everyone else in town in front of my sister just because you wouldn’t serve a sweet thirsty girl a glass of water” she smiled and said “Your right, let’s just forget this every happened, here’s your water” My sister smiled, I was glad.


April 5th 2014

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