“EoD” Segment 6 (3 of 3)

Posted: April 6, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 6 (3 of 3)

And that’s when it fucking hit me, who was standing by my Jeep? You and your fucking team of mobsters, you couldn’t just let me drive off back to Canada and live in peace with my fucking sister eh?! Well fuck you! You and every other American are the reason the world is like this! If it wasn’t for you people I would be home right now, sitting with my sister! Arm in arm! We could be watching the sunrise together! ANYTHING! But no, you had to take her away, beat her up, put a gun to her head and make me come running gun in hand, get me addicted to every fucking drug out there and than what?! Yeah come here and fucking kill you all, and your neighbors, your neighbors friends, and the fucking roulette dealer and… I take a hit of Jet! And the fucking dogs! You couldn’t just let me be happy! You can’t just be civil?! The whole world has to be some kind of fucking game to you, where you just abuse the people around you?! That’s life?!! Eh, is that it! You fucking disgust me! I should just shoot you now! But no! No! That’s too good for you. Now shut the fuck up and listen:


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