“EoD” Segment 7 (2 of 3)

Posted: April 6, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 7 (2 of 3)

April 28th,
It’s been a hell of a week and there’s a lot of crap out there that I hope I don’t have to pick up. If all this drug use and shit makes me lose my teeth and my potence than fuck you God for not watching out for me! The bullet wounds have healed nicely, there weren’t many but my armour needs some patchwork. The Jeep is driving great and we’ve got plenty of fuel, food, water, smokes and Rotgut. No Jet I’m trying to go clean, I still have a boatload of Psycho and Mentats though, but those are for the rare occasions of gambling, bullshiting and/ or killing. I’m trying not to kill however…Still trying to be the Shepard and all that Pulp Fiction Pre-War bullshit. It’s hard not having drugs, everything seems so…lacking…like it just looked better, felt slower when I was high. Drugs are bad though, my brain and my heart hurt sometimes. However they keep the badassness up high and the trigger fingers always rested. My sister and I drive away from the New California Republic, we’re leaving all that shit behind us, the South is way too bloody for me. If I stay in the states any longer I’ll turn into a monster… than my sister would be the one eighter saving me, or shooting me in the face and/or splitting open my guts…
“Hey! I wouldn’t do that!” Oh sorry, I didn’t think you were listening…this is a uh soliliquy. “Well your talking into a holotape strapped to your chest…I’ve heard everything you’ve said since monday. You should have seen yourself in the Sharks Club. “I walk into the Sharks Club…I start blasting holes into people’s faces!” Hahaha! You were so high! UH…. “THe funniest thing was when you walked in, I was thinking “Yay! I’m saved!” and than you took a bunch of drugs and passed out. The whole club was like “Who the hell is this guy?” Than you come running out of the bathroom shooting everyone! You must love me so much! I hope I can find a guy like you one day”


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