“EoD” Segment 8 (2 of 3)

Posted: April 6, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 8 (2 of 3)

“It’s Judgement Day” It’s Judgement Day baby, hah. I’m glad we’re on the road again, it’s safer here than anywhere else so far. Watch out, we’re almost near the border, do you still have your papers? “Yeah, I’ll never lose those” Good, if you didn’t have them though my PipBoy has all your history. “Can I have yours IF you die? Sure sis, but let’s try to find you one in Ontario. “But I want one like yours, I like the backpack style ones, the wrist one just feels too bulky. I really like the way yours runs down your spine” We’ll talk to Cooper, I’ll need him to help me sell all this gear anyways. “You looted all the people you killed?” Yup, took everything and stored it in the trunk. You didn’t think I would leave all that loot alone did you? I want to retire from all this killing one day. Maybe even buy you a house when your ready to settle down. “Papers and registration please” Here you go “Do you have anything to declare?” Uh… we have a trunk full of guns, armor, ammo, drugs, mostly just shitloads of Psycho’s and Mentats, food, water, meds… UH… whole bunch of shit really. “Hey hey! nice score! So you guys from around here?” Nah we’re from Ottawa, yourself? “Waterloo” Oh I’m sorry man… “Nah, It’s cool, the place was a shit hole anyways. Well you guys take care, welcome back to Canada!” Thanks It’s good to be home.


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