“EoD” Segment 8 (3 of 3)

Posted: April 6, 2014 in EoD

“EoD” Segment 8 (3 of 3)

“Trunk full of guns? And they let us in wow” Yeah our papers were cleared, if your a born citizen they put a lot of trust into you. We can pretty much bring in anything we want, except for you know, slaves and shit. “So what do you want to do now? All that…killing has kind of gotten’ me excited…” Oh, you excited in the pants baby? “Gross. No I mean, if we can make a lot of caps bringing in loot from the states why not do it?” Are you trying to get me to start a business looting America with you? “Uhm…Yes.” I love you sister, let’s do it. After I get a chance to crash for a bit and sell what we got to Cooper we’ll head back out to California. “Hmm, wanna’ go to Washington instead?” There’s a lot of Super Mutants out there… “What’s a Super Mutant?” Picture the things we’ve been fighting but dumber, green and with very big guns. “Oh never mind than, who the hell wants to fight a Super Mutant?” Their not that tough, just try not to pick a fist fight with one. “I bet they have ugly babies” Their sterile sweetie “Oh well where do they come from than?” No one really knows, they were made by the government in a bunch of labs but a few of them blew up. Now there’s rumors that their making themselves, apparently some of them are smarter than us, but I think their all pretty stupid. “Who’s the government?” Well sis, before the bombs the world was ran by “governments” which were a group of people that were in charge of the whole country, they kept balance and order and things like that. But eventually they got fat and greedy and wanted more then they actually needed. Than a group of starving people came by begging for their excess waste and the government said “No fuck you!” than the war happened. “Wow the government sucks” Yeah mostly, but we need it. Canada would be like the states if we didn’t have a military left.


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