“EMP” Day 4 (3 of 3)

Posted: April 7, 2014 in EMP

“EMP” Day 4 (3 of 3)

I find it amusing how these insects leave their memories around, it’s almost like they are trying to leave a piece of themselves behind. Sad how they think their words had merit, value, what good do these people bring to my Earth? I have seen things no man should see, I have seen what people become when the rules are washed away, like dirt washing away with the rain. Lives take lives, more often so today, wasting flesh, minds, hearts and souls, throwing them away because they are beneath them.

And they leave their messages behind, mad entrees written on blood stained paper, confessions and tears, messages of repention, yet the next day they continue to sin. God is dead I have read, how little men know. The wrath of God is coming, and some men will not let you stop it. I will bring death and punishment wherever I go, I will rape and eat the torn, mangled bodies of my victims and leave their messages in blood. I will stain the city walls with more sin than Vegas, I will show men exactly what I have become. I will be the great beast, the sheep with no Shepard, the hungry wolf. I will do what I am born to do, thank you Lord for showing me my true purpose, I will show man the face of God, and drag him to Hell.


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