“EMP” Day 5 (1 of 3)

Posted: April 7, 2014 in EMP

“EMP” Day 5 (1 of 3)

Do I grow stronger each day? Or do I grow weaker? With every ounce of blood I spill does Heaven see more souls by the day? Or does Hell go full? The dead do not walk this Earth but I wonder how long will that last? Each passing day I watch them shamble across the streets, and flood through the buildings, taking whatever they please and claiming the whores and the children of men. No faith anymore it seems, to rape and die is to life as water is to survival. I know what it’s like to need but I never knew what it was like to need to kill until today. I crave these lives, I crave the urge to spill their guts and paint the streets with smiles, my smiles. The smiles I smile after knowing that you have gotten exactly what you deserve. I am a sadist and I never knew until the police went away. Strange.

Continues… Unknown Date…

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