Found this ad on kijiji today!

“Seeking Bilingual Straight Truck Drivers”

“We are currently seeking experienced straight truck drivers for the commercial (office) moving industry. Must have five ton experience. DZ licence peferred but not necessary as long as you have an Ontario G class licence. Bilingual (English/French) oral and written is a definate asset and would be preferred. Salary will be based on experience and/or the type of licence you have. If interested please apply in person at 2710 Stevenage Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3N2 and ask for Alvin.”

Now is it just me or does this ad seem a little off?

I bet they had a bad experience with a previous “gay” employee, who fucked up big time, they don’t want to make that mistake again!

“Eh! Jean-Guy put an ad on kajeyjey for new truck driver, but calis make fucking sure he isn’t a gay guy, we don’t want another truck driver waving his hand out the window at all the boys!”



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