Canada Prepares for War… Posted May 11th 2014

Posted: May 11, 2014 in News

Recent events have shown Canadians that the West is preparing for a World War, or at least major battle/catastrophe  similar to Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m not in the mood to post my research since it spans across a few months, but this is your final warning. It is time to anticipate a temporary “Aggressive change” of politics about to hit our country like a storm. Soon Martial Law will be imposed and all foreigners that were not born here will be shipped out at the expense of our tax payers.  Tensions and opinions will run high and the prices will soar, money is going to be tight and technology is going to be hitting the market fresh as cilantro. Google has a very nice surprise for the entire world.

Back to War, it appears that since the Cold War Russia has been planning the annexation of Ukraine (similar to Hitler’s obsession with Poland) and they sent in thousands of Russian citizens to become “Ukrainian” citizens, these people brought over weapons, ammo, uniforms without insignia’s, and everything else you would need to supply a small army. These people are pretty much sleeper agents sitting back inside Ukraine waiting for the Kremlin to make the decision, but they can’t proclaim themselves Russian. No, in order to remain victorious and away from the glares of the U.N and Nato. These “people” will claim to be Ukrainian, full blooded Ukrainians Hell Bent on liberating their country from a fascist dictator, they will fool the world into believing that they are not Russian and will eventually win, just like Crimea, towns, cities, etc these will fall like flies and slowly fall into the hands of the “Real Ukrainians” who are really just Russia soldiers. Eventually Ukraine will fall to Russia, just like Poland fell to Hitler, the world will freak out and fall into a real war, but we have not seen real war since 1914. Everything after the World Wars were nothing in comparison to what is going to happen to us soon, our weapons are so advanced that there is no honor in battle anymore, there is only the option for absolute victory. If your nation tries to beat my nation, I will nuke you, and this is how we think, that is how we could not beat the middle east. We have never had an actual real to go to War, Real War, we simply sent men to peacekeep and maintain order, we had nothing to fight for. But now, we have something great to fight for.

Canada is preparing to go to War with the Ukrainian rebels, not Russia per say, but the pretend Russians, the Kremlin’s Cold War By-product. We are preparing to go to War with them on Ukrainian soil, and clean up a very old mistake before it turns into a nuclear war for absolute power and domination. Right now we have the opportunity to take out a highly contagious target and prevent a massive catastrophe, just like they did to the Malaysian Airline. Canada is going to strike before that contagious target has even a second of a chance to even think about infecting anyone.

Enjoy the rant, I’m too lazy to proof read it.

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