Get Involved! “EMP” The Game

Get Involved

I would love to start a mini blog that follows my “EMP” Universe, where an individual assumes the role of a character and blogs about their day, you’ll get your own segment and we’ll put our heads together and write in some crazy twists. For example I might introduce the POV of a serial killer and end up murdering/ looting/ raping your character, forcing you to assume the role of another random survivor and continue the story. The community will get a chance to kill off characters they don’t like and really get involved in the story, we could have over a dozen characters all intertwined in a web of randomness, fear, and bleakness. You could wake up one day to find that your character was killed off in their sleep forcing you to assume the role of another, maybe a family member or a friend vent on revenge. In other words its Author vs Author in a clever war of words, kind of like a multiplayer text adventure.

I have been working on different POV’s and characters and have an antagonist ready. He is a crazed, self-righteous, God fearing maniac bent on killing everybody and showing man exactly how much of a monster man has become. He’s pretty creepy, evil, and for some reason morally sane, he’ll kill you and eat you for killing an innocent, or kill you and eat you for being alive.


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