“The End of Dayes”

I’ve got a cool little story for you, I found this audio recording whilst wandering around the ruins of my old hometown. Now mind you that I couldn’t upload the actual recording, the quality was garbage, so much background noise, gunshots, holy Christ crackers it was way too intense to listen to. I heard the sounds of dozens of men being murdered and ripped apart by another man’s bare hands, tonight I do not think that I will sleep well.

These times are so very, very cruel, it is no surprise what some men would do to save the life of a loved one… especially one’s own sister. If I had a family left to cry over I would feel something, but alas this man I have become, so bleak this life I lead. If only I had someone to love as much as life, I could give it for them.

Read “The End of Dayes”

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