Who will You Become?

So you found this place, probably up to no good while you were at it eh? Yeah, no doubt at all that you are a dirty little rascal… And dirty little rascals always get what they deserve… I know what you are thinking, “Where’s the loot?” Well the loot’s all in the words, you want them and I’ve got them. Now that you’ve satisfied your sick need to kill you need a new world to explore, but you’re all out of ideas aren’t you? You just don’t know what to do with your time. I got the solution for you, I’m going to feed you things you’ve never wanted to eat, taste things you never knew were sweet. Feel the blood on your hands as you wash your face with it, yeah… You know what you want now. You want a world to explore, but this world isn’t just going to let you explore it, it will explore you, deep into your soul. Somewhere behind your face is a monster, a monster so perverse and sickening that it must be released. You are going to embrace this monster, you are going to embrace our world, our possibilities, our deep dark thoughts and you will overcome. I am going to make you cry, so bleak the things we have become.


I will be adding new stories as often as possible and slowly unfold them each day, creating the reality of live bloggers telling their story.

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  1. leggypeggy says:

    Thanks for visiting and following my blogs. You’ve got an interesting storyline here.

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