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Riddle me this one internet people, since Friday night the 4th of April there has been little to no news… No Ukraine updates, no Malaysian updates (nothing note-worthy at least, the theory of it being shot down is still the most realistic answer.) Nothing interesting, I’m not counting the successful Afghanistan election either. Since NASA cut their ties with Russia the only juicy bit of info I’ve found online and in the press is a story about how there is a Ukrainian cyber-war going on (Link is Dead lol), could it be that journalists are simply enjoying their weekend? Or is the world suppressing the news until they have a bold-faced lie to backup Monday’s events?

The only thing we can really do is wait and see, but I came here today to get your opinion about the up-coming events. Has anybody else noticed this lack of news lately? Or is it just me? I’ve browsed Reuters, CBC, Huffington Post, Before It’s News, CNN, and the Truth Seeker, even these crazies seem to have taken a vacation from quality news.


“The theory” goes that there is some sort of political elite group of super-rich that run the world, from everything to everything, you know the idea, if not then feel free to browse THESE LINKS!(Believe at your own risk!).

Educate Yourself

The upcoming Alien Invasion


Well more and more each day, this idea seems to be falling into place. If you had above average intelligence, a lot of money and power, wouldn’t you want to rule over people and inflict your will? Of course you would, but the idea of a bunch of Men gathered around agreeing on the same thing is outright bullshit. There is no way one group could ever hope to work together enough to take over the world, somewhere along the line somebody is going to disagree with something and cause chaos. That’s the simplest explanation for this whole thing; if there really was a group of elitest trying to take over the world they would have done it by now. Or maybe they successfully “took over” the world a long time ago?

I like to believe that yes, in fact they did, why? It’s simple really, look around you what do you see? Peace, justice, prosperity, people smiling, laughing, sharing, loving, people being compassionate to each other (well you know, at times, not ALL the time, BUT ENOUGH), we have a system that works. Even if Aliens had underground bases and were using us for experimentation, food, and drugs, etc, they manage to keep us pretty safe, happy, stoned, and fat. Here’s a picture of an underground Alien/ US government base.

All I am saying is if Aliens had this large of an impact on man, you wouldn’t be able to hide it, and if there was an elite super-power of evil men who rule the world they have been a doing a pretty damn good job. Picture our two countries (Canada and the States) without democracy and the systems we have today? What if a bunch of inexperienced ambitious uneducated know-it-all’s took over tomorrow and reset the system? We would probably revolt just to get things back to the way they are now. Let the elite have all the power, let them deal with the responsibilities of leadership, let them deal with the mass amount of people trying to get their opinions heard. Let them do all the grunt work while we simply earn our living and enjoy our lives how we please, with the only responsibilities we have chosen for ourselves.

Comment below let me know if I’m wrong, I want to hear what you think! What do you think is coming to happen in the next 2 weeks?!

According to this article Spanish authorities have concluded that the U.S or the U.N: a combined effort from many different countries decided to shoot down Malaysian Flight 370 to prevent a new 9/11 catastrophic event. Whether you believe it or not you have to admit that this was one of the few possibilities behind the flight’s recent disappearance.

“So you killed my family to prevent a terrorist attack?” Yup that’s exactly what this means, the world’s police decided that the lives of 270 people were not worth the lives of 10,000 people and the start of WW3. Unfortunately if we put all the pieces together and all the other conspiracies we have this: 1) There were many businessmen on that flight from a new up-coming technology company that were unveiling something huge. 2) There were two Iranians seeking German asylum on that flight. 3) One of the pilots was practicing something on his flight simulator (Probably practicing his piloting skills and as a cost effective way to maintain his hours) 4) There were no confirmed “Terrorists” on that flight. 5) Israel 

So does Terrorism make sense? Not really, does shooting down a plane to prevent more whistle-blowers, a Trillion-Dollar contract lose, or the start of a war make sense? Hell yes, just wait a few days until they reach their conclusion and blame the Al-Qaeda, then wait for the fake Al-Qaeda video to come online. Or wait until they simply let it go and we never hear about this again.

Don’t expect a war though, that won’t be happening for another few years.

I won’t post the original link I found it on my phone.

Nato ordered an end to civilian and military cooperation with Russia on Tuesday blah blah blah… What does it mean? It means that the world is falling for all the anti-Russia propaganda, since the CoD mission “No Russian” the media has been constantly reminding us about the “Russians”. Even though the goddamn Russians haven’t necessarily done anything wrong, the Crimien people democratically voted to leave Ukraine. So now that America has gotten a taste of the realities of democracy (Majority decides for everybody else) they are pissed! No more oil profits! The Russians control everything blah blah!

So the USA has convinced NATO (damnit) that the Russians are planning an invasion even though they gave back half the military gear they found in Ukraine and gave the Ukrainian government a couple billion dollars. Not only has Russia actually helped Ukraine maintain civil order they even pulled back a lot of their troops from the border… Now that’s either because they are defending some strategic openings in case of an enemy airstrike or it’s to show the world that “No, we are not going to invade anybody”. America is afraid that the Russians will raise the price of oil and cause a huge economic collapse, which will of course never happen, why? Because the world has dug itself into such a deep hole that there is no way of getting out of it, the economy works well enough to keep everybody alive. War would mix up the order of things and a lot of people would go hungry and poor, everybody to be precise. Nobody would win or profit from a war, except of course the “Illuminati” or “NWO” if they even exist and have a master plan to kill off a large portion of the world and install a one world government.

But do you really believe a group of men can sit down together and all agree on one thing? No ifs, ands, or buts? Of course not, that is why this whole conspiracy crap is out of hand and simply silly, ain’t nothing guna’ happen because there ain’t nothing that can happen. All these post-WW2 wars have been big people picking on little people, now that there’s nobody little to pick on the world is guna’ make threats and that’s it, there will be fear. There will be propaganda, just to get you to spend that money you have saved up, why? Because the world is running out of money and we really have no idea how to fix that. Just remember that most of the money in the world is owned by about 10 people, if those 10 people kept 1 billion for themselves and divided the rest we would all be happy. But atlas poor Yorick the greed of man is too far gone beyond the point of repair, we must gather gold in bunches and sit on it, in hopes that our Golden Egg will one day hatch!

My point? It’s all just noise and entertaining emotions.