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I would like to bring your attention to a local internet sensation nobody knows about, somebody with so much knowledge and education he represents Earth during intergalactic political meetings. Who am I talking about? Why Dr. Richard Boylan of course! My internet Hero! My favorite liar! My favorite Pedophile?! Wait! What?! Ack! These “intellectuals” how wise they are to spread the truth as freely as a poem! Oh how they present their little hearts as big as the moon! As bright as stars! Hahaha! Scum bags, I don’t know how to say it but, most people with crazy, hard to believe stories are liars and morally challenged.

I never heard about Boylan before, until last year his website published a post claiming that “An Alien Mother-Ship will Hover over Ohio, Cleveland September 29th”, I’m not saying I believed it but I found it so entertaining I marked the date on my fictional calendar and stayed tuned to his page, just to see how he would be able to write himself out of this one. Needless to say the event did not occur, apparently the “Cabal” interfered with the event and prevented the massive, powerful Alien mother ship from coming into orbit. They then gave him cancer, forcing Mr. Boylan to run over to his Alien compatriots and get some instant massive cancer curing healing. He has since not been heard of, probably succumbed to his cancer, or old age and died.

Why should you care? Because you can’t just go around claiming such crazy things without truth behind it, the world doesn’t need more bullshit and Dr. Boylan was a bull shitter with a massive library of easy-to-believe out-of-this-world info on Alien Cultures, Religion, Planets, Philosophies, you name it! He’s either telling the truth or an amazing writer! Have you read his shit?!

The truth is however, he’s a pedophile obsessed with manipulating the people around him, he’s almost like a wannabe cult leader. And people like him should be stopped and discredited! I would love to see Aliens come into reality but this guy just takes my dreams and shits all over them. If you are one of these “conspiracy experts” and you invent all your shit, you need to go to Hell right now! I am sick and tired of living in the dark, not knowing what the real world is like, not knowing the truth about reality, and the universe. Aren’t you sick and tired of information and knowledge not being in your hands?! This guy is a contributor to the problem! So I guess what I’m asking is that you troll the shit out of him and make him tare down his page before he manipulates more people, and possibly convinces the wrong person the wrong thing.

The truth is out there, but it ain’t on the internet, that’s for damn sure! You really think the government can’t hide information? You really think Snowden is real?

Post your damn truths below! Tell me what’s what!