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Riddle me this one internet people, since Friday night the 4th of April there has been little to no news… No Ukraine updates, no Malaysian updates (nothing note-worthy at least, the theory of it being shot down is still the most realistic answer.) Nothing interesting, I’m not counting the successful Afghanistan election either. Since NASA cut their ties with Russia the only juicy bit of info I’ve found online and in the press is a story about how there is a Ukrainian cyber-war going on (Link is Dead lol), could it be that journalists are simply enjoying their weekend? Or is the world suppressing the news until they have a bold-faced lie to backup Monday’s events?

The only thing we can really do is wait and see, but I came here today to get your opinion about the up-coming events. Has anybody else noticed this lack of news lately? Or is it just me? I’ve browsed Reuters, CBC, Huffington Post, Before It’s News, CNN, and the Truth Seeker, even these crazies seem to have taken a vacation from quality news.


“The theory” goes that there is some sort of political elite group of super-rich that run the world, from everything to everything, you know the idea, if not then feel free to browse THESE LINKS!(Believe at your own risk!).

Educate Yourself

The upcoming Alien Invasion


Well more and more each day, this idea seems to be falling into place. If you had above average intelligence, a lot of money and power, wouldn’t you want to rule over people and inflict your will? Of course you would, but the idea of a bunch of Men gathered around agreeing on the same thing is outright bullshit. There is no way one group could ever hope to work together enough to take over the world, somewhere along the line somebody is going to disagree with something and cause chaos. That’s the simplest explanation for this whole thing; if there really was a group of elitest trying to take over the world they would have done it by now. Or maybe they successfully “took over” the world a long time ago?

I like to believe that yes, in fact they did, why? It’s simple really, look around you what do you see? Peace, justice, prosperity, people smiling, laughing, sharing, loving, people being compassionate to each other (well you know, at times, not ALL the time, BUT ENOUGH), we have a system that works. Even if Aliens had underground bases and were using us for experimentation, food, and drugs, etc, they manage to keep us pretty safe, happy, stoned, and fat. Here’s a picture of an underground Alien/ US government base.

All I am saying is if Aliens had this large of an impact on man, you wouldn’t be able to hide it, and if there was an elite super-power of evil men who rule the world they have been a doing a pretty damn good job. Picture our two countries (Canada and the States) without democracy and the systems we have today? What if a bunch of inexperienced ambitious uneducated know-it-all’s took over tomorrow and reset the system? We would probably revolt just to get things back to the way they are now. Let the elite have all the power, let them deal with the responsibilities of leadership, let them deal with the mass amount of people trying to get their opinions heard. Let them do all the grunt work while we simply earn our living and enjoy our lives how we please, with the only responsibilities we have chosen for ourselves.

Comment below let me know if I’m wrong, I want to hear what you think! What do you think is coming to happen in the next 2 weeks?!

Well past couple of days I have noticed that my “The End of Dayes” story has not been as well received as my “EMP”. For the record I wrote “EoD” first, “EMP” was my latest work and I’ve been since adding new paragraphs to it and expanding it’s universe.

I assume that “EoD” isn’t as popular because it is based on the Fallout Universe, I will be posted another short story soon that follows the same Fallout universe, but this one will be an alternative reality based on the games. In the upcoming short story called “Ghouls”, the narrator explores how the world came to end, how WW3 came to destroy man, and how that behind the scenes of the game, the sole survivor and reason behind the end of the world has been following the main characters of the game, teaching them and guiding them towards doing the right thing.

It’s a psychological examination of man, and how morality changes everybody, for the better or the worse. It also explores the fact that history was written by the victors. My proudest accomplishment with this story is that it completely follows the Fallout Timeline, and a completely unknown/ forgotten character Charles Ringhold (He’s in the official timeline, but little do they know, he survived the explosion and went on to create the world as we know it)

If you like Fallout or post-apocalyptic action stories then you will love this! WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT! I’ll be making a page for it soon, stay tuned!

Here’s a preview of things to come!

October 1st, 2077, 3:40 am, I am awake, barely. It is hard to believe the pressure and expectations *they* have for us. I put on my Fedora and grab my coat, heading to work. I hope to God the monorail isn’t late again. You would think that after a hundred years, primitive machines would run perfectly. “There’s no reason you should be late” is something that I am tired of hearing. If only we had the fuel to spare, I could drive my fucking Highwayman to work every day! It smells like it again…death in the air. As I look up into the rising sun, I can feel the anxiety of a new world, the fears of tomorrow. The great science that is failing us: the Great War soon to come. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost eleven years since the Chinese first invaded Alaska, but things aren’t looking well. With the rise of nuclear warfare as a common denominator in modern warfare, and the great technology of Plasma and Laser weaponry, there is little hope for peace. It’s hard to believe… it’s just hard to believe. A hundred and fifty years ago, the world saw the fall of Hitler and a new paradigm to study: World Wars. But how little we knew of the future, how little we cared about life…
It’s October 1st, the first day of the month, and coming on strong to my fall. I can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore, the things that I have done! The things that I will do! There is nothing worse than doing the job you hate, but none the less, a job that must be done. In Oregon, I am a scientist, a greatly trained soldier for this… fine country. But it wasn’t always so. It is almost like waking up from a bad dream, “Corporal, you have been reassigned. No more fiddling with peace, bio-chemical warfare cures, or the counting of supplies.” No, that was too much to ask for; the chance at rebuilding and fixing our stupid mistakes. Now I am assigned to studying Brain Bots, and providing “security for the research floor.” “Would you like to volunteer?” asked one of the scientists, fuck no I replied. You and your whole goddamn team of miscreants can literally go fuck yourselves. There was no way I was going to “volunteer” my brain for surgery, or a false sense of security.

“Anderson”, I said as I walked calmly into the lab, “what’s the news?”
“Brain Bots are going well”, he says. “Plenty of volunteers” Something I just couldn’t believe, who the hell would volunteer to having their brains removed? I asked him suspiciously, but I was reasonable with him. He told me that the spiel HR wrote up about it not being a permanent surgery suckered in nearly a third of the investors. They were tricking people into donating their brains to the army.

“We lied to them? About… the safety… in all of this?” “Of course” he says. “The base has been using “military volunteers” for weeks, prisoners are cheaper than recruits.” “Whose idea was this?” I asked, “You know I never approved of scooping out prisoner brains for Brain Bots! Now we’re using the rejects for experimenting? Who fucking approved this?!”
“Spindel,” he says, clearly too afraid to lie to me again. I take him by the neck and ask him gently, “does it make you feel better? For God’s sakes Anderson, we used to be soldiers! Don’t you remember what it was like to be the governments bitch?! Where the fuck is Spindel?! What kind of man authorizes this?!” “He’s… He’s in his office! Down by Mariposa, testing the new products.”
What new products? What are they doing down there? How come no one asked me directly! I am the leading scientist and security expert for this fucking place! How come I don’t have a say in what we do with our prisoners! For fuck’s sake Anderson! You’d better tell me before it’s too goddamn late! “I don’t know!” screams Anderson, “not even my own men were informed. We just deliver the test subjects and monitor their vitals! I really don’t know what they’re doing down there! Honest!” I punched him repeatedly, until he screamed “Court martial! Court martial!” Shut up Anderson, twenty years from now when you have died, you will be burning in Hell remembering the lives that you just threw away.


The End of Dayes: My first smile

April 24th, 2241, I’m heading south-west. That’s where I was told to go, and that’s where I’ll find her. It’s been too long I can’t even bare to think about it, what they’ve done. It’s 66 miles to Reno; I’ve got a full tank of gas and a bottle of Rotgut to take the pain away. I think I’ll be fine, drinking’s always easy when you’re on the road; there’s nowhere to go but straight. Whole ground is ash and there’s nothing but road between me and my destination. Too bad I might pass out if I don’t make it before the Jet wears off; I’m floating on a fucking cloud. But what’s this?! A caravan out in the middle of nowhere…Normally I would stop my car to say hello but I’m way too high for that right now. I step on the gas and go faster, and, faster, and faster than I’ve ever driven. I need to find my sister…