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I was browsing some alien stuff today trying to find the Top 10 most popular alien stories and found this. Before I go on, here are the sources so you can check everything out for yourself.

That lead to

Which shows this video:

The guy has a pretty interesting story with a lot of pics and a video, doesn’t seem like a tinfoil hat wearing weirdo either.  Anyhow check it out, lots of pretty colours and a silly close up of a low-quality alien’s face. Whether you believe in aliens or not, you should ask yourself this one thing:

“If we are the only one’s out there then the universe is ours and God failed to produce anything better than man. If not then there are a lot of people just like us out there. So bleak the future of man.”

What if love, mercy, and compassion were merely human things? 

A) We would have been killed off a long time ago.

B) We are winning the War.

C) Aliens aren’t real.

D) Mankind is actually pretty good at intergalactic politics.

E) The entire Universe is full of God-loving peaceful species Hell Bent on uniting everyone under the idea of perfect productive peace and stopping war.

F) They haven’t found us yet

G) We are Slaves and this is the by-product of being enslaved by Aliens

Lol Pick ONE

With all my heart and soul I hope it’s “E”

The End of Dayes: My first smile

April 24th, 2241, I’m heading south-west. That’s where I was told to go, and that’s where I’ll find her. It’s been too long I can’t even bare to think about it, what they’ve done. It’s 66 miles to Reno; I’ve got a full tank of gas and a bottle of Rotgut to take the pain away. I think I’ll be fine, drinking’s always easy when you’re on the road; there’s nowhere to go but straight. Whole ground is ash and there’s nothing but road between me and my destination. Too bad I might pass out if I don’t make it before the Jet wears off; I’m floating on a fucking cloud. But what’s this?! A caravan out in the middle of nowhere…Normally I would stop my car to say hello but I’m way too high for that right now. I step on the gas and go faster, and, faster, and faster than I’ve ever driven. I need to find my sister…