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According to this article Spanish authorities have concluded that the U.S or the U.N: a combined effort from many different countries decided to shoot down Malaysian Flight 370 to prevent a new 9/11 catastrophic event. Whether you believe it or not you have to admit that this was one of the few possibilities behind the flight’s recent disappearance.

“So you killed my family to prevent a terrorist attack?” Yup that’s exactly what this means, the world’s police decided that the lives of 270 people were not worth the lives of 10,000 people and the start of WW3. Unfortunately if we put all the pieces together and all the other conspiracies we have this: 1) There were many businessmen on that flight from a new up-coming technology company that were unveiling something huge. 2) There were two Iranians seeking German asylum on that flight. 3) One of the pilots was practicing something on his flight simulator (Probably practicing his piloting skills and as a cost effective way to maintain his hours) 4) There were no confirmed “Terrorists” on that flight. 5) Israel 

So does Terrorism make sense? Not really, does shooting down a plane to prevent more whistle-blowers, a Trillion-Dollar contract lose, or the start of a war make sense? Hell yes, just wait a few days until they reach their conclusion and blame the Al-Qaeda, then wait for the fake Al-Qaeda video to come online. Or wait until they simply let it go and we never hear about this again.

Don’t expect a war though, that won’t be happening for another few years.

Ah, Malaysian Flight 370… I don’t mean to offend anybody but wow is it me or does it seem like somebody is trying to stir up trouble for China? The people are almost on a verge of revolt and many have taken to the DeepWeb to voice their struggles. In this age of NSA and constant surveillance (if you actually believe that they have that power, I don’t) do you really think they could lose a freakin’ plane? Of course not, I read the news okay, I know that these things happen but these things don’t happen for no reason.

Let’s examine the past year or two, what have we been seeing a lot of? Plane crashes, train crashes, oil spills, natural disasters, heat waves, snow, nuclear material going missing, chemical warfare being dumped into the oceans, a shit-load of radiation going into the ocean… We have seen a pretty bad goddamn couple of years haven’t we? Yes we have, there is no denying it. In a world running out of “power”, money, and food it is no surprise why somebody wants to go to war; war makes money, we need money.

Now a plane with over 200 passengers disappears without a trace, who’s mad? The Malaysians, they want answers and they want their fucking families back NOW. So who’s got em’? Well that’s the question isn’t it? Where are these people? Where is the plane? Is it gone? Is it destroyed? WAS IT EVEN IN THE AIR TO BEGIN WITH?!

It seems to me that the US is doing what they’ve been doing for a few years now; trying to cause civil unrest overseas. Pretty soon somebody is going to have to provide answers and we are just sitting here ready to gobble up whatever “facts” they want to throw at us, because Lord knows whatever the Media tells us we will believe and that will be the end of it.

We are sitting here waiting and they are going to come out and say one of these things.

Possibility A: Terrorists or some Foreign Country

They will blame Syria, Russia, Korea, Al-Qaeda, etc, whoever they feel like and entice the public to go to war with some country.

Possibility B

Crashed. The end.

Possibility C

ALIENS! This will no doubt never happen. Even if it did do you really think the public is going to believe it?

Possibility D

These people are hostages and they are demanding the Chinese to adhere to their demands.

Possibility E

We will never find out. Truth is not out there.

Possibility F

The world will forget.

Possibility G

It will be proven to be false

Either way my point is that in a age of constant 24/7 surveillance how do you lose a freakin’ plane? YOU DON’T! It’s up to us to demand answers and the sooner we get off our butts and get involved the sooner we’ll be able to overcome this corrupt world of Elites. Plan a head while you still have a window, what if your government abandoned you tomorrow? Would you be prepared? I would not.